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Val x Cole Pups are here!!! Born 5-14-03
6 Females & 4 Males
9 Very Rare TRUE Black and Whites and one Fawn and White.
These pups are $1200.00, deposits are $200.00.
These are 100% American Bulldogs NO other breed OUTCROSSES!
Please contact us if you are interested
These Pups are Mostly Johnson with a healthy dose of MGK



Female 1 ( Lots of color)


Female 2 ( Mostly white)


Female3 (lots of color)



Male 1 (one black brindle eye patch) 


MVP American Bulldogs Guarantee



First you must know that all matters involving the guarantee will be handled on a case by case basis. We guarantee our pups from major genetic problems for 1 year.

If something comes up with your pup, which you feel that should fall under our guarantee, you must contact as soon as possible, we will require that the vet send us the reports on your situation. Those reports will be taken to our vet and a second option might be required from another vet in your area. If you choose to send back the pup you will be entitled to another pup from the next breeding. If you chose to keep the pup and continue vet care, we will help you with the vet costs. The amount we will provide is 50% of all cost not to exceed the price of your pup.

This guarantee will be voided if the dog has been abused in anyway.

Including but not limited to physical abuse or improper care, such as not feeding a quality feed, or not trying to meet the pups needs in all aspects of the pups health and well being.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or concerns, of any kind.




William & Elizabeth Reed


9100 Olalla Cyn Rd

Cashmere, WA 98815